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MACA held a charity workshop on January 25, 2016. Jim Bostaph, Billy Bingman, Sergey Gardner, and John Kerr from Black Goose Chimney; Wayne VanHoudt from Olde Town Chimney; Ike Rowland from County Chimney; and Steve Skloff and Larry Banks from Chimney Doctor all helped with the project. This was the week right after the blizzard, so we were concerned about the roads and about working on the metal roof. We were lucky and the weather cooperated nicely -- it was fifty degrees and sunny.


The recipient was a family we met through the Department of Social Services. They had seven children and lived in a house built in 1883 in Boykins, VA. We found out that day that the oldest section of the house had been the original train station for the town. The house was literally across the narrow street from the train tracks and the trains definitely got our attention as they passed by.


The sole source of heat in the house was a pair of wood stoves, one insert, and one free-standing. The insert had been installed with only a short connect into an unlined chimney and the stove door was broken. The free-standing stove had an improper connector and floor protection, and the snout of the tee section had come apart inside the wall. The tee snout was replaced, the thimble was relocated, and new connector pipe and floor protection were installed for the free-standing stove. The short connect for the insert was removed, a positive connect liner was installed to the top of the chimney, and a new door was put on the stove.


Most of the materials were donated by Copperfield Chimney Supply, New Buck Corp. donated a replacement door for the Buck Stove, and Saver Systems gave us a check to help cover some of the out-of-pocket expenses. We are very grateful to these companies and hope you will send them some of your business in thanks for their generous contributions.


We brought in barbeque, fried chicken, and sides for lunch plus the mom cooked us some Haitian rice (yum, yum!). There was a large amount of leftover food that we left with mom and her family. As we were wrapping up that afternoon, she came outside, told us she felt blessed, called us her heroes, and gave us all big hugs


Front row: Sergey Gardner, John Kerr, Billy Bingman, and our most grateful recipient
Back Row: Larry Banks, Ike Rowland, Steve Skloff, Jim Bostaph, and Wayne VanHoudt


"To distribute food effectively through collaborative efforts that minimize hunger and promote nutrition and self-reliance education." Chimney Doctors™ has proudly worked with the South Eastern Virginia Food Bank for the past 5 years. We look forward to continuing our commitment to alleviate awareness of this rapidly growing concern. Our core beliefs at Chimney Doctors™ are as follow's, by our 16th President of the United States of America.

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